Family hike to ALPENWELT NOVA


Family hike to ALPENWELT NOVA Next summer will come for sure! We dream of rediscovering our beautiful nature. With beautiful weather and hot temperatures, we decided to make an excursion with our two children to the ALPENWELT NOVA. We took the Versettlabahn up to the mountain station. As soon as we got out of the gondola, a light, fresh breeze came towards us ¬ breathe a sigh of relief, enjoy. When the children discovered the marble run, they were “up and away”. What can you make from the wool of Montafon stone sheep? And how is it won? These and other questions are answered at the marble run. We continued our journey of discovery to the station “around the cow”. Besides the milk can Memory game and the cow bell xylophone, we could even milk the wooden cow. The girls practiced so much milking it would be enough for our whole year’s supply of milk ? When the small hunger came, we looked for a shady place on the terrace of the Nova Stoba. The view was phenomenal. Bright blue sky, clear air and the lush green of the mountain meadows – what more could the eye want. Our children were allowed to choose an ice-cream sundae from the variety on offer. Strengthened by the culinary delights and with a feeling of satisfaction we started our journey home again. We all can’t wait to explore the Montafon mountains in the coming summer season, to breathe in the air of adventure and simply take a deep breath again.

from Sabrina