Gauertal AlpkulTour


Summer is coming and with it the most beautiful time for hiking. We are still dreaming of the past, but soon we will be spoiled with many hours of sunshine and pleasant temperatures for an excursion into the Montafon mountains. On top it is “not too hot and not too cold”, simply perfect and with this comes this incomparable view. On my hiking list is definitely a repetition of the day trip to the Lindauer Hütte. We will again take the Golmer Bahn up to the Grüneck mountain station. From there, there is a short steep ascent towards the Latschätzalpe. With constant ups and downs we get many different great views of the striking mountain peaks of the Rätikon. While enjoying a refreshment of fresh milk at one of the Sennalpen we might see marmots again. As we walk along the artistic theme path for part of the way, the sculptures by Montafon artist Roland Haas invite us to marvel at them. We encounter them at unexpected locations during the hike and are fascinated each time anew. A refreshment in the Lindauer Hütte is planned for sure. Afterwards we will descend through the Gauertal valley to Latschau. I am looking forward to the clear air, which makes the peaks seem closer and reveals many details to us, which we do not even notice anymore. I can hardly wait for the time in the mountains. from Karin